This Rockhopper Penguin Scuppers Her Partner’s Robo Romance

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While his female counterpart was off in the ocean, this male rockhopper penguin becomes quite enamored by a robotic penguin.  The male starts preening the robot penguin and engaging in other courtship rituals.  Meanwhile, the female penguin is shown hurrying back to the penguin colony.  Upon her arrival, she immediate enters into attack mode and scuppers the courtship by brutally attacking the robo penguin.  Her nemesis defeated, the female hops back over to her partner where the two start cuddling and cooing as if nothing had ever come between them.

Scupper is a verb of unknown origins and means to “prevent from working or succeeding” although some sources suggest it originates from scuttle.  The term first entered the lexicon as a military slang term in 1899.  The term is mostly British in its usage and is not to be confused with the noun of the same name.  Scupper (noun) is a hole in a ship’s deck that allows water to run off and has its origins from Old French escopir which means “to spit”.