Travel the Country Without Ever Setting Foot in a Car

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The American Intercity Bus Riders Association (AIBRA) has created a map showing travelers how to get around the United States without ever needing a car.  The highly detailed map shows Amtrak train, Greyhound bus, and other public transportation routes.  In theory, a passenger could travel from any two major points in the United States solely using public transportation.  The map shows blue lines for Amtrak, gray and green for Greyhound, and red, orange, pink, and and a grey-brown for all other bus carriers.

The map is complex, gathering bus and train route information from a host of carriers.  For those that want more detail about bus route changes, AIBRA has a change log.  There’s also an analysis page with information about how communities would be affected in their linkage to the rest of the United States if certain bus routes were removed.

AIBRA’s purpose of its “organization and website is to promote use, continue fostering a positive perception, and encourage future expansion of the current intercity bus system in the contiguous United States of America.” AIBRA makes two other maps available via its website: the Express Bus Map showing express bus routes across the country, and the Airport Shuttle Map Index showing local access to airports.

The map: Contiguous map of train and bus routes