Where There is a Will, There is a Way

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Put up a bird feeder in your yard, and chances are, a squirrel will find a way to get to it.  It doesn’t seem to matter much how high up or away from tree branches you put the feeder, crafty squirrels will figure out how to get to the seeds and nuts in the feeder.

Squirrels demonstrate the very definition of the verb, persevere.  Persevere means to “continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.”  The word debuted around the mid-1300s and originates from the Latin word persevērāre which means “abide by strictly”.  

Squirrels perserve to the point where an obstacle course is no match for these rodents.  Climbing ropes, jumping through hoops, and dashing around windmills are all accomplished with ease for these challenge-ready squirrels.


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