Color Maps to Your Heart’s Content With this City Maps Coloring Book

Caitlin Dempsey


Have you ever seen a horribly symbolized map that you wish you could rework?  Or perhaps you want to let loose your inner rainbow?  Gretchen Peterson, author of cartographic design books (most recently one about map making using QGIS), lets you unleash your coloring creativity with her recently released “City Maps: A coloring book for adults“.  

Peterson explained her inspiration for developing the map coloring book on Twitter: “So there was this one time when I said Why are there no map coloring books? And everyone was like Yeah why not?!” Shortly after pondering this question, Peterson announced the release of her new cartographic coloring book on her blog, stating, “I’m excited about this because normally I make maps that are more scientific, regulatory, or otherwise government oriented but this is a collection of maps for everyone. And what’s more, everyone can color them just the way they want to!”

The 94-page book contains 44 maps covering cities from around the world.  The maps are produced at different scales and levels of complexities.  Urban locations include Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Grand Canal in Venice, Central Park in New York City, Lotus Temple in New Delhi and Bidhannagar in Kolkata.

Here’s a peek at a selection of the maps included in the coloring book:

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