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How Undular Bores Show Up in the Clouds

Undular bores create distinctive wave-like cloud patterns, such as morning glory clouds, by pushing warm air upward.

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physical geography

An American robin on a tree branch.

Most Abundant Landbird in the United States and Canada

The American robin has the largest population among all landbirds in the United States and Canada.

McKinley Lake near Cordova, Alaska

Which States Have the Highest Percentage of Water Area?

Water shapes U.S. states’ geography and ecosystems. Which states have the highest and lowest percentages of area covered by perennial water?

A fox squirrel lying with legs stretched in the grass.

Why Do Squirrels Lie Flat?

There are several reasons for why squirrels will lie flat on the ground, a patio railing, or tree branch.

The color of water is a by product of how light is absorbed. Mangrove islands bespeckle the bay in upper Lostman's River. Photo: Paul Nelson, U.S. Geological Survey. Public domain.

How Mapping Mangrove Species Can Help With Coastal Erosion Mitigation

Species-specific mangrove maps aid conservation by targeting protection efforts and resources against storm surges and coastal erosion.

An abnormal growth of leaves in a conifer tree.

Witch’s Broom in Trees: Dense Clump of Leaves and Branches

Witch’s broom affects trees like birch, spruce, and pine, causing dense twig and leaf clusters due to pathogens, parasites, and environmental stressors.

Human Geography

A series of maps measuring heat stress and heat risk reduction in a neighborhood in Washington D.C. and the relationship to urban tree cover.

Urban Tree Canopy Affects How Heat Stress Impacts Residents

Minority and low-income neighborhoods have 11% fewer trees, are 1.5°C hotter, and have 14% more impervious surfaces than wealthier, whiter areas.

Photo of the Espada Acequia in San Antonio, Texas.

Acequias in the Southwest U.S.

In New Mexico and other Southwestern states, acequias are channels that are dug to divert water from snow runoff and rivers in order to irrigate fields.