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Geography of Interest

Geography of Giant Sequoias

Giant sequoias are one of the longest lived tree species, with the oldest giant sequoia living an estimated 3,400 years.

Geography Basics

How Many Countries Are There?

The answer to the question of how many countries there are in the world remains a question with many different possible answers.

What is Map Reading?

Map reading (also sometimes written as map-reading) is the act of interpreting or understanding the geographic information portrayed on a map.

Basic Geographic Concepts

Listed here are the basic geographic concepts for geographic understanding and inquiry.  When looking at the geography of an area, what are some of the…

United States Geography

Fog Sipping Coastal Redwoods

The tallest trees in the world, the coastal redwood trees of Northern California have a remarkable ability to use fog as a source of moisture.

Chaparral in California

Chaparral ecosystems in California are characterized by dense shrubs and rocky terrains and span from maritime zones to mountain slopes.

Geography of Extremes

Physical Geography

Benefits of Microforests

Microforest projects use the Miyawaki method fast-track the growth of dense, biodiverse forests, aiming to achieve full growth in 20-30 years.

Human Geography

Maps and GIS

Green View Index for QGIS

The Green View Index employs street-level imagery to measure the amount of vegetation visible to the human eye.

Geography Books

Review | Under the Wave at Waimea

Set in Hawaii and with a champion surfer as its central character, “Under the Wave at Waimea” introduces us to the global geography of surfing.