Gerrymandering Map Font

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Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing or re-drawing congressional boundaries to benefit a specific political candidate or party. Some of these redrawn districts can end up being very convoluted, occupying narrow and twisted sections of land with no coherence to the local landscape. As a way to bring attention to this questionable practice, designers Ben Doessel and James Lee created a free font that forms the letters of the alphabet using congressional district shapes. The complete font is offered via the website Ugly Gerry. Some of the letters are formed from a single congressional district while other letters are a combination of two districts. All of the districts used are labeled so users can see how each letter was created.

Users who want, can down the font for free by clicking the on OTF image at the bottom left of the web site. Users can type a message to their congressional representative using the fonts in the form offered. The web site will try to identify the relevant congressional representative based on the location of the visitor. The type message can then be tweeted at the politician to bring awareness to gerrymandering.

Visit: Ugly Gerry



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