Mapping Digital Attacks Around the World

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Every day, thousands of digital attacks are happening around the globe.  The site Digital Attack Maps shows the leading Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks happening at the moment.  The data is consolidated from more than 270 ISP customers who have agreed to anonymously share their network traffic and attack statistics.  The data is pulled from Arbor Networks’ ATLAS® global threat intelligence system which updates the data hourly via its  ATLAS Threat Portal.  The project is a combined effort from Google Ideas, the Big Picture team (also from Google), and Arbor Networks.  The map itself was created using D3 and topojson libraries.

A DDoS attack is defined as an effort to make a online website or service unusable by overwhelming the site’s server with thousands of simultaneous requests originating from multiple sources.  DDoS attacks have been used to render major news sites, online stores, and banks completely useless.

Users to the Digital Attack Maps site can view the near real-time map which shows where current attacks are originating from.  Hover over a line to see a pop-up that shows where the attack is originating and which country is targeted as well the duration of the attack and other technical information.  Click on the timeline at the bottom of the map to see a day by day replay of attacks since June of 2013.

Click on the gallery link to see a “hall of fame” of significant DDoS attacks from the past.  Clicking on any of the entries brings up an archived map from that day showing the state of DDoS attacks.

View the map below to see the latest digital attacks from around the world:

Via SoCalGIS


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