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Spatial Node: a Platform for Geospatial Professionals

Emmanuel Jolaiya

Spatialnode is a platform for all things geospatial and earth observation including the people behind these technologies.

Diagram showing WebGIS architecture. Adapted from Emmanuel Jolaiya.

WebGIS Section 3: Architecture

Emmanuel Jolaiya

Emmanuel Jolaiya explains the architectural workflow of a WebGIS.

Logos of open source GIS and WebGIS tools.

WebGIS Section 2: Overview of Tools and Technologies For WebGIS

Emmanuel Jolaiya

This article introduces you to some of the open-source tools used in WebGIS.

WebGIS Section 1 – A Quick Introduction to GIS and WebGIS

Emmanuel Jolaiya

In section 1 of this series on WebGIS, Emmanuel Jolaiya provides readers with an overview of GIS and WebGIS.

Series: WebGIS Using Open Source Tools

Emmanuel Jolaiya

Emmanuel Jolaiya's series on WebGIS using open source geospatial tools and technologies.

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