Chinese Geography Teacher Draws a Map of the World from Memory on a Blackboard in Four Minutes

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Around the World in Four Minutes.

Move over Al Franken, Boming Wang, a junior high school teacher at the Yingcai Junior High School in Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia, an autonomous region in China, starts off his geography lessons by drawing a map of the world on his blackboard.  Along the way, Wang talks about different countries as he draws them. After four minutes, the class is presented with a map of the world.  Developing this skill involves many hours of study by Boming who has a globe on his desk which he uses to study the world’s landform in order to perfect his chalk cartography.  “I cannot even count how many times I spin the globe every day,” Wang notes.  The endless spending seems to be paying off since, unlike many commercial map makers, Wang seems to remember to add New Zealand to his world map.

Wang’s inspiration was one of his own middle school teachers who frequently drew maps as part of his teaching.  “I see drawing as a more direct and engaging way to expose students to geography. They also like teachers who can draw interesting things, which makes them like the class even more,” said Wang, who was an art major in college.

Watch the video about Boming Wang’s world map after the reference section.

Boming Wang draw his map of the world on a chalkboard.
Boming Wang draw his map of the world on a chalkboard.


Geography teacher draws world map in four minutes –



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