Errors in the Fortune 1000 Lists

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Geo Lounge has a series of articles looking at the geography of Fortune 1000 companies over time. All data for these articles originates from the site.  Fortune Magazine, which issues the Fortune 1000 list each year, has a list of the rankings dating back to 1996.  Unfortunately, several of these lists contains errors and therefore not all of the lists analyzed for the geography articles on this site contain exactly 1000 listings.

Some examples of the errors are discussed below.

Duplicate Fortune 1000 Entries

In this example, the list from the 1998 Fortune 1000 list contains two entries for 170.  The link to the second 170 entry is actually to the 1997 entry, suggesting that ITT Industries, Inc.’s 170 rank in 1998 is really its ranking from 1997.


Missing Rankings

Some Fortune 1000 rankings are missing altogether such as this example from 2012.


In this example from 2013, the 1000th ranking is missing from the list:


Missing Company Names

Some entries were blank or had odd characters in lieu of the company name such as this example from 2004.



Mismatched Geography

Summarizing the number of companies by state and mapping out the locations is impacted by several location errors found in the Fortune 1000 lists.

Some entries simply lack an address to geocode on.


Some companies were assigned an address from another company from another year. In the example below, SBS had a correct address in 1999, but suddenly got the address from Mobile-1999 in 2000.




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