Geography of Fortune 1000 Companies in 2013

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When it comes to the geographic distribution of Fortune 1000 companies, geography does matter. Some states have a high number of Fortune 1000 companies, while a handful have none. See also: a sortable list of the Fortune 1000 companies for 2013.

Please note, due to a listing error found on the site, rank #1000 is not included in this article.  

Geography of Fortune 1000 Companies in 2013 by State

The state with the largest number of Fortune 1000 companies is California with 113.  Not far behind are New York (109) and Texas (102).  These three states are the only states with over one hundred Fortune 1000 companies.  Illinois ranks a distant fourth with 69 companies, followed by Ohio (58) and Pennsylvania (48).

On the flip side, five states in 2013 had no Fortune 1000 companies headquartered there: South Dakota, West Virginia, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming.  An additional four states just made in onto the 2013 Fortune 1000 rankings with one company each: Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Vermont.

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Tile Grid Map of Fortune 1000 Company Counts by State


Top Cities with Fortune 1000 Companies in 2013

There were 380 distinct locations with at least one Fortune 1000 company in 2013.  The top cities were:

City Count
New York 79
Houston 47
Chicago 23
Atlanta 16
Columbus 16
Cleveland 14
Dallas 13
St. Louis 13
Milwaukee 12
Boston 11
San Antonio 11
Cincinnati 10
Pittsburgh 10

Top ZIP Codes with Fortune 1000 Companies in 2013

There are 641 distinct ZIP codes that are home to at least one Fortune 1000 company in 2013.  The ZIP codes with the highest number of counts are:

ZIP Code Count
10022 12
10019 11
10036 11
77002 11
80112 9
45202 8
60606 7

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