How to Create a Password Login For ArcView 3x

Caitlin Dempsey


If you want to require users to login with a password before being able to use ArcView here’s a simple way.

Difficulty Level: Easy    Time Required: 1 minute

Here’s How:

  • Go to your \esri\av_gis30\arcview\etc directory.
  • Locate a file called startup (no file extension shown).
  • Make a copy of this file and rename it startup.old (it’s always wise to make copies of essential files before altering them).
  • Open up the startup file and copy and paste the code from steps 5 and 6 at the top of the file:
  • authenticated=FALSE attempts=0 while (NOT authenticated) thePassword=MsgBox.Password if (thePassword=”password”) then authenticated=TRUE else
  • MsgBox.Warning(“Invalid Password!”,””) attempts=attempts+1 if (attempts=3) then authenticated=TRUE av.Quit end end end
  • Change “password” to the password of your choice.
  • Save the file.
  • Test the login by starting up ArcView.
  • Test the authenticating by entering the login false 3 times – notice that it won’t let you into ArcView if you don’t enter the proper password.
  • You’re done!


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