Map and List of Fortune 1000 Companies for 2018

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Below is an excerpt from the list of Fortune 1000 companies for 2018, according to Fortune Magazine, which has produced the list since 1955  This table is a companion piece to the Geography of Fortune 1000 Companies in 2018 article.

This partial list is shown to demonstrate the locations of companies found on this list.   (More: 2016 Fortune 1000 List, 2015 Fortune 1000 list2014 Fortune 1000 list).

For a more detailed and complete list, please visit the Fortune 500 page (which contains all of the Fortune 1000 companies) where you can look up information about any company on the list.

Filtering the 2018 Fortune 1000 List

The table and map of Fortune 1000 companies for 2018 can be filtered.

To filter by one or more states, select the states from the dropdown list.  You can remove any states from the filtered list by clicking the X next to the state name on the filtered list.

You can also filter by Fortune 1000 location by selecting cities from the City drop down list.  When you filter by state, only cities within that state will be listed in the City drop down list.

You can also filter by rankings by dragging the dots for either end of the Fortune 1000 scale.  This lets you select only companies that fall within a specific ranking.  For example, you can drag the dots and only see Fortune 1000 companies that are ranked between 100 and 499.

You can also type in the ranking range by clicking the numbers under each black dot and typing in your range.  Similarly, you can also filter by number of years on the list.

Fortune 1000 for 2018 by State and City: Map and List