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Word Map is a fascinating online mapping application that lets the user type in any word and see that word mapped in the official or dominant language of each country around the world.

Word Map combines Google Translate with Wikipedia entries to create a map labeled with the word translated into each language.  I tested out  the map service with the English word cartography.  Very quickly, the map plotted the various translations of the word such as cartografía for Spain and kartografija for Croatia.  Each label is hyperlinked to a snippet from Wikipedia explaining the language breakdown of each country.  The labels on the map are also written in the alphabet native to that country, for example Ukraine uses the cyrillic alphabet so the translation of cartography in Ukrainian is картографія.

The map uses radial lines to connect countries that share the same official or dominant language.  Spanish is the dominant language in 20 countries and clicking on Spain highlights radial lines extending into South and Central America.  The info box also lets the user know how many other countries share that same dominant language.

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