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MapInfo is a desktop GIS software produced by Pitney Bowes.  Here are some suggestions for peer support and resources offered for users of MapInfo.

MapInfo Discussion Forums

There are a few active discussion forums where MapInfo users can post questions and receive peer support for using this desktop GIS software:

MapInfo Resources

Pitney Bowes produces a MapInfo newsletter that is delivered via email every two months.  Signing up is free.  The company also offers a MapInfo resource page.

More About MapInfo

Thematic Mapping with MapInfo and Excel: This tutorial by Nick Williams, a MapInfo trainer at Acuity Training, aims to provide an example of how data analysis and cleansing using Excel can be combined with presentation and mapping using MapInfo.

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Latest Release of MapInfo Focuses on an Easier to Use Mapping Experience :   Pitney Bowes, the maker of MapInfo, has released an updated version of the GIS software that is aimed towards lowering the amount of time it takes for a user to be up and running with mapping and spatial analysis.

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