Of Interest: NoGIS, The Map Room Turns 8, Data.gov Shutting Down

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The upcoming NoGIS event triggered some Twitter chatter and a few blog posts (here and here and here).

Jonathan Crowe has been blogging about everything to do with maps over at The Map Room which celebrated its eighth anniversary last week.  Over 3,900 entries later, the site is going strong and is a must-visit for those interested in maps and cartography.

Budget cuts are making it likely that Data.gov, among other government sites, will be shut down in the coming weeks.  The Sunlight Foundation has launched a Save the Data! page where users can sign a letter to Congress and other ways to get involved with preventing the web site shutdowns.

Esri has launched a Middle East Protest map that tracks content shared via YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr using ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


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