Real-time Satellite Tracking

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Ever been curious where the satellites are orbiting in relation to the earth? Now you can track satellites through a Google Mashup. is an online service that offers satellite tracking and information in real-time.

The site offers categorized satellites that you can click on the link to in order to see where that satellite currently is and to view the real-time tracking of that satellite.

Tracking Satellites in Real-Time provides real-time satellite tracking data, allowing users to monitor the position and trajectory of thousands of satellites as they orbit Earth.

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By simply entering a satellite’s name, international designation, or NORAD ID, users can access the satellite’s current location, altitude, speed, and predicted path. The website also features an interactive map that displays the satellite’s position relative to Earth and its coverage area.

Wide Range of Satellites Covered

The platform offers tracking data for a wide range of satellites, including those used for communication, navigation, weather, and scientific research. Users can track satellites from various agencies and organizations, such as NASA, NOAA, ESA, and more.

Screenshot showing the mapping of the real-time location of the International Space Station.

Mapping the real-time location of satellites

When you track a satellite, the location is displayed on an interactive map in the middle of the screen. Off to the upper right hand side of the browser, detailed information about the satellite is displayed including a description of the satellite’s purpose.

If you are logged in, you can also click on the “What’s up in the sky link” to see the satellites orbiting over your home’s location.

Information about the different satellites

In addition to satellite tracking, features a wealth of informative resources for users interested in learning more about satellites and their applications.

The website offers a detailed satellite database, complete with technical specifications, launch dates, and mission information. Users can also access news articles related to satellite technology, launches, and space exploration.

Get notifications about different satellites allows users to customize their experience by setting up notifications for specific satellites and events, such as satellite passes and flares. Users can also create an account to save their favorite satellites and access personalized tracking data.

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