Unique Geography Themed Gifts

Caitlin Dempsey


If you’re looking for Geography themed presents that go beyond atlases, books, and GPS related products, there are some fun and creative options out there.
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Map themed shower curtains seem to be a popular item although not all curtains are accurate.  The Home World Map Shower Curtain is replete with errors.  The Map Room provides this input ““The map is rather inaccurate with lots of misspellings and incorrectly colored exclaves, etc. Not suitable for navigation. But it is fun to try to find the errors while you are otherwise indisposed in the bathroom.”  Jonathan Crowe also points to this more artistic site if you want Subway Map shower curtains.

Etsy.com has a host of geography and map themed products by individual designers.  Isotope sells vintage cartography designed t-shirts with a design adapted from an early 20th century map of Manitoba, Canada.  SquishySushi has interested wood bracelets with old maps decoupaged onto them.  There’s also the decoupage Map Vase.  A search for maps brings up over 344 interesting crafts and designs on offer from etsy.com

Zazzle offers GIS and cartography themed t-shirts with more creative and funny messages than your standard “I love geography” or map-themed shirts.  With sayings such as “Topology – You Complete Me” and “OG Mercator – Original Geographer“, the line is distinctly aimed for GISers.  The t-shirts are an extension of the GISnuts.com site and offer a bit of geogeek humor in clothing.

Soft-maps offers a growing collection of street map themed blankets and pillows featuring mostly areas around New York but also for select cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

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