7 Fun Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Geographers

Caitlin Dempsey


Looking for items for your favorite geographer’s Christmas stocking?  The items on this list make perfect gifts for the geogeek in your life for gift exchanges with small budgets.

(The prices listed here are based on the prices listed with each link)

1. Geographer in Training Magnet

At 2.25 inches, these buttons and magnets represent the smallest (and cheapest) items on this list.  Buy a few for the stockings of geography students.

Order: Geographer in Training Map Button or Magnet – $1.13

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2. Geography Lanyards

Want to stand out at the next geography conference?  Perfect for the person who needs to wear a badge or keys, these geography themed lanyards feature maps printed onto cotton and a clip on the end.

Order: Geography Lanyards – $10.00

3. World Cookie Cutters

For the geographer that likes to bake, these plastic cookie cutters come in seven shapes representing the contents of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia (if you go by the seven continent approach).  The seventh cookie cutter is for Greenland (part of the continent of North America.  Antartica isn’t included in the set.

Order: Nuop Feed the World Cookie Cutters – $14.90

4. World Geography Trivia Game

Learn about geography while playing this world geography trivia game.  The game comes with 150 cards with multiple choice questions about countries and cultures around the world.

Order: Word Teasers: World Geography – $10.99

5. Earth Ornament

This 3″ high earth ornament is a stunning decoration for a geographer’s tree.  Made from textured glass, the ornament features raised topographical surfaces representing land masses.

Order: Earth Design 3″ Glass Ball Christmas Tree Ornament – $9.99

6. K-DRON Universe Globe Map Hybrid

In 1985 Polish artist and mathematician Janusz Kapusta discovered a new geometrical shape – an eleven faced polyhedron, which he called the K-dron.  This map-globe hybrid features two k-dron solids which lets user view side-by-side geographic sites located at opposite sides of traditional round globes and also alternate between earth and sky views.  The K-DRON Universe folds down into 3.25″ tall.

Order: K-DRON Universe Earth & Globe Constellations Map – $12.95

7. Globe Cufflinks

For the formal geographer’s night out, consider these rotating globe cufflinks made from plated stainless steel.

Order: Rotatable Globe Cufflinks – $13.99


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