7 Nifty Gift Ideas for the GIS Person in Your Life

Caitlin Dempsey


Trying to find the right geospatial gift during this gift giving season can be tricky. Whether you are looking for gifts for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or just looking for a special gift for any time of the year, here are some gift ideas for a range of budgets.  From silly to serious, find the perfect GIS gift idea on this list.

1. 2017 GeoHipster calendar

Made by GIS professionals for GISers, the GeoHipster calendar contains hand selected maps submitted by the geospatial community.  Available via cafepress, make sure you select January 2017 as the starting month.  Be sure to check out the interviews about the 2016 calendar cartographers.

Order: 2017 GeoHipsster Calendar – $17.99

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2. Mapkins

These customizable map napkins make the perfect house warming or holiday gift for map enthusiasts.  Enter the house number, city, ZIP Code and get napkins decorated with a street map of the selected geography.  You can add on a set of four customizable map coasters to enhance the gift.

Order: Mapkins (set of 4) – $59.95

3.  QGIS Map Design

Authored by two prominent advocates for open GIS, QGIS Map Design was written to expand the cartographic skills of those using this free and open source GIS software program.  Written by Anita Graser and Gretchen Peterson teaches users how to enhance their knowledge of layer styling, labeling, and designing print maps.  Both Peterson and Graser have been interviewed on GIS Lounge as part of the Profiles from the Geospatial Community series.

Order: QGIS Map Design is available in print as a paperback (ISBN:978-0989421751, 200 pages, $36.99) or as an e-book ($24.99).


4. GIS Specialist Shirt

For those tired of trying to explain what GIS is, get them this shirt with a definition of GIS specialist that will probably make people even more confused.  The shirt comes in a range of colors and has sizes for both men and women

Order: GIS Specialist Shirt – $20.99

5. GIS Bib

For the GIS analyst who is also a new father, you might order this baby bib (for his child, of course).  The front of the bib reads, “My Daddy is the world’s best GIS Analyst” and has a globe.  The bib comes in a wide range of colors.

Order: GIS Analyst Baby Bib – $10.99

6. Map Coloring Book

Coloring for adults has become a popular stress relief activity.  City Maps: A coloring book for adults is a 94-page book containing 44 maps covering cities from around the world by Gretchen Peterson.

Order: City Maps: A coloring book for adults –  $8.07

7. AuthaGraph

The AuthaGraph recently won the Good Design Award and is a map projection designed by Japanese artist and architect Hajime Narukawa.  While this may not arrive in time for Christmas, any GISers would be delighted with a print of the most innovative map to come out of 2016.  This shiny monochromatic print of the AuthaGraph can be folded into a 3D display or left unfolded for as a wall hanging.

Order: AuthaGraph Platinum – $52.16

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