Access Open GIS Data for Almost 11 Million Trees with OpenTrees

Caitlin Dempsey


Developed by Steve Bennett, lets you visualize and download GIS data for almost 11 million city and park trees around the world. The tree data was harvested from open data sources from 16 countries so far. (Update November 2020: The site now has “15,331,460 open data trees from 226 sources in 20 countries”).

All of the nearly 11 millions trees are overlaid in an easy to use mapping application built using base layers from OpenStreetMap and Mapbox.

Clicking on any tree clusters on the map will zoom to that city or location. At the city/location level, an information box on the left summarizes the top tree species, lists the attribute columns for the dataset, and provides the total number of records imported.

A link at the top lets the user easily download the entire raw dataset which vary by type (some are zipped shapefles, other datasets are downloaded as CSV files).

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Browsing individual trees is as easy as click on each tree on the map. The information box on the left links to the associated tree specie’s Wikipedia page.

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