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Caitlin Dempsey


If you need a consolidated place to search for coordinate systems, is a place to start.  

A database of over 6,000 coordinate systems

The open source web-service was launch this past March and provides a database of over 6000 coordinate systems used around the world by different GIS datasets.  

The coordinate system database is based on the official EPSG database that is maintained by OGP Geomatics Committee (the now-defunct European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) is now known as the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers).

Users can search for coordinate systems based on system, name of covered country, or state.  Users can also search based on Esri or EPSG codes.  

For example, a user could enter a search query for “UTM Canada” to return a result list of all UTM zones covered by that country.  Or simply search for “Canada” to see a list of all coordinate systems covered by that country.  

Click on the “coordinates on a map” to see a visualization of the extent that particular coordinate system covers geographically.

Screenshot showing the map interface for a coordinate database that is available online.

Each coordinates system and transformation has a short permanent link and can be exported in various formats (WKT, XML, OGC GML, Proj.4, JavaScript, SQL).

Summary of Features:

  • Fulltext search for the complete database of coordinate systems from EPSG
  • Short rememberable URLs, i.e.
  • Type GPS latitude/longitude and get projected coordinates or vice versa
  • Precise numerical location on a map / aerial photo for any place on the planet
  • Export definitions in various formats, including WKT, OGC GML, XML, Proj.4, SQL, JS, etc.
  • Facets for retrieval of alternative record types from the official EPSG database
  • API for the search in EPSG database and for transformations

Since the project is open source, the code is available here:

To search for a coordinate system, visit:


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