Download the Equal Earth Physical Map for Free

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Cartographer Tom Patterson recently released the companion piece to his Equal Earth Political Map.  This natural world map focuses on physical features: terrain, rivers and lakes, vegetation, land cover, and the ocean floor.  While place names of countries and cities are labeled on the map, the underlying physical features aren’t interrupted by boundary lines.  The Equal Earth map projection depicts land masses and oceans at their true sizes relative to each other.  

Both the physical and political maps are in the public domain which means users can freely download and use them however they want to, including for commercial purposes.  Both maps are wall-sized maps with the physical map measuring 55” wide x 30.3” tall (1.4 x 0.77 meters) and the political map measuring 55” wide x 29” tall (1.4 x 0.74 meters).


Users can download a high resolution JPG (350 DPI) for printing or a layered Adobe Illustrator CC file with raster terrain art for modifying the map.  Cartographers can also download terrain files in GeoTIF format  in both natural color and greyscale.


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