GeoQuiz: Pioneering Geographers

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The discipline of geography has been advanced through the pioneering efforts of many geographers.  Take this quiz to test how well you know about the contributions of these geographers.

Guess the Pioneering Geographers

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1. Which Ancient Greek scholar is commonly known as the "Father of Geography"?

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2. Which one of these German geographers is NOT considered to be a "father of modern geography"?

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3. Which geographer laid the foundations for human geography with his his two-volume Anthropogeographie in 1882 and 1891

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4. Which American geologist and oceanographic cartographer helped create the first scientific map of the entire ocean floor?

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Which mathematician's work was crucial to the development of GPS?

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Who is Considered to be the "Father of GIS?"

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Who was the first to teach geography as a subject?

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Founders of Geography
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