GIS and Cartography Material Available for Online Teaching

Caitlin Dempsey


With many universities and colleges needing to rapidly move to online learning, teachers are left scrambling for ways to quick assemble materials that can be used for virtual learning. Several institutions and professors have offered up readily available online resources that can be used to virtual teach cartography and GIS courses. Also worth reading is Anthony Robinson’s Twitter thread on strategies for moving quickly to online teaching.

This list will be updated with newly discovered resources. Send any information about useful resources to

Esri’s Cartography MOOC Materials

Esri’s Kenneth Fields posted that materials used in Esri’s Cartography MOOC can be downloaded and used by educators. Visit: CartographyMOOC

Karen Joyce’s GIS and Remote Sensing Online Teaching Materials

Dr. Karen Joyce, who is with James Cooke University, has made her collection of GIS and remote sensing teaching resources developed for online teaching freely available. Dr. Joyce also has a YouTube channel with over 100 GIS and remote sensing related videos. Visit: Remote Sensing and GIS Educational Resources

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North American Cartographic Information Society Map Talks

House on YouTube, the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) has made past talks from its past conferences available for viewing. Visit: NACIS Conference Talks via @tierneyl

Pennsylvania State University’s Open Education Resources

Anthony Robinson, an associate professor with Penn States’s geography department, noted on Twitter that PSU has open education material available. A search for “GIS” reveals quite a large amount of resources from classes about programming in python, environmental applications in GIS, GIS analysis, map making, and much more. Visit: OPEN.ED @PSU


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