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A megacity in geography is an urban area that contains more than 10 million residents.  There are currently 33 megacities in the world.  The top five megacities are all located in Asia.  Asia is the continent with the most overall megacities with 19 (or 20 if you count Turkey as part of Asia).  Europe has five megacities (including Istanbul, Turkey).  Africa, North America, and South America each have three megacities.  China is the country with the most megacities with five: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tianjin.

Tokyo, Japan is the largest megacity by population with 37,800,000.  Delhi, India, is second with 25,700,000 followed closely by Seoul with 25,620,000.  Shaghai, China is the fourth most populated city in the world with 24,750,000.  The fifth most populated city is Mumbai, India with 23,140,000 people.

Megacities in the World

1TokyoJapan JapanAsia37,800,000
2DelhiIndia IndiaAsia25,700,000
3SeoulSouth Korea South KoreaAsia25,620,000
4ShanghaiChina ChinaAsia24,750,000
5MumbaiIndia IndiaAsia23,140,000
6Mexico CityMexico MexicoNorth America21,600,000
7Sao PauloBrazil BrazilSouth America21,200,000
8BeijingChina ChinaAsia21,150,000
9OsakaJapan JapanAsia20,130,000
10New York CityUnited States United StatesNorth America20,080,000
11JakartaIndonesia IndonesiaAsia20,000,000
12ManilaPhilippines PhilippinesAsia19,700,000
13KarachiPakistan PakistanAsia19,500,000
14CairoEgypt EgyptAfrica18,420,000
15Los AngelesUnited States United StatesNorth America17,200,000
16DhakaBangladesh BangladeshAsia17,000,000
17MoscowRussia RussiaEurope16,500,000
18Buenos AiresArgentina ArgentinaSouth America16,100,000
19KolkataIndia IndiaAsia16,000,000
20LondonUnited Kingdom United KingdomEurope15,500,000
21IstanbulTurkey TurkeyAsia/Europe14,500,000
22BangkokThailand ThailandAsia14,500,000
23Rio de JaneiroBrazil BrazilSouth America14,400,000
24LagosNigeria NigeriaAfrica14,000,000
25TehranIran IranAsia13,400,000
26GuangzhouChina ChinaAsia12,400,000
27KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of CongoAfrica12,000,000
28ShenzhenChina ChinaAsia11,700,000
29LahorePakistan PakistanAsia11,320,000
30Rhine-RuhrGermany GermanyEurope11,300,000
31ParisFrance FranceEurope10,700,000
32TianjinChina ChinaAsia10,600,000
33BangaloreIndia IndiaAsia10,200,000


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