NextBillion AI Solves HyperLocal Geospatial Infrastructures To Advance Mapping Ecosystems

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Customized mapping solutions are critical for freight and telematics, eCommerce, last-mile logistics, and automotive transportation. NextBillion AI’s mission is to build the world’s most easy-to-use, cost-effective, and advanced hyperlocal AI solutions.

Mapping solutions that exist today consist of technology designed for a ‘one size fits all’ model, which presents industry challenges surrounding the misconception of maps. Enterprise mapping solutions need to account for hyperlocal nuances, high barriers for entry, and be customized for specific use cases and needs.

For example, a telematics company faces a different set of mapping problems from someone in the food delivery industry, which is different from rideshare, and last-mile delivery.

In the past years there has been an unprecedented growth in Last-Mile Delivery. To exceed rising customer expectations, enterprises need a hyper local and hyper tailored mapping solution.

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The U.S. spends $1.5 Trillion on transportation and logistics annually, reported by the Wall Street Journal. IBIS World reports there are 247,466 Couriers and Local Delivery Services businesses in the U.S. as of 2021, an increase of 3.8% from 2020. NextBillion AI develops innovation to help fuel the growth by providing maps that help optimize routes to save costs, precise delivery points to increase customer satisfaction, and better directions to decrease driver stress.

Diagram showing routing attributes from NextBillion AI.
Credit: NextBillion AI

Global Geocoding APIs need to be developed to advance logistics. Nextbillion AI’s objective is to build better localized address parsing and geocoding APIs. To accomplish this, Nextbillion AI is leveraging open data and applying it to the data from the customer’s historical deliveries.

Nextbillion AI provides DIY tools and utilities for businesses to manage hyperlocal maps, curation and data management services to keep the underlying map data fresh, and a Map platform as a service to supply businesses critical workflows powered by custom AI. 

Diagram showing place name attributes from NextBillion AI.
Credit: NextBillion AI.

NextBillion AI builds AI-based geospatial infrastructures to strengthen logistics, transportation, and supply chain services throughout the ecosystem. Utilizing the data generated by your business and applying AI solutions, provides leverage to local traffic addresses, varied vehicle types, and unique driving behaviors to build custom APIs. To receive enterprise grade map data quality for your applications, businesses utilize OpenStreetMap as the base.

Enterprises require a mapping environment that can incorporate custom map data and on-the-fly hotfixes. NextBillion introduces customized mapping experiences to organizations that suffer from big logistical challenges but don’t have the bandwidth or resources to build their own maps environment.

Assisting enterprises by collecting custom map data across tough locations provides them with a more comprehensive mapping environment. Implementing these solutions will tie back into better customer satisfaction, increased operational efficiency, and safer driver experiences.

NextBillion AI founders chief product officer Gaurav Bubna (L), COO Ajay Bulusu (R), and CTO Shaolin Zheng (not pictured).  Photo: NextBillion AI
NextBillion AI founders chief product officer Gaurav Bubna (L), COO Ajay Bulusu (R), and CTO Shaolin Zheng (not pictured). Photo: NextBillion AI

Nextbillion AI was founded in January 2020 by COO Ajay Bulusu, chief product officer Gaurav Bubna, and CTO Shaolin Zheng. They were formerly part of the map team at Grab, a multinational ride-hailing and food-delivery company. The startup is headquartered in Singapore and currently has 45 employees spread across Hyderabad and Bengaluru, India and Singapore. Nextbillion AI has raised $7m in funding backed by Falcon Edge Capital, Lightspeed India Partners and several private investors.

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Picture of Max Zhang, Head of Partnerships at Nextbillion AI.

Max Zhang, Head of Partnerships at Nextbillion AI, is a strategic marketing leader with more than a decade of experience in the location data space. Zhang leads the setup of NextBillion AI’s Americas presence and focuses on expanding the reach of the company by offering customized mapping solutions to enterprises in the American market. Previously, Zhang spent seven years with Google Maps growing U.S. sales and providing solutions to many complex mapping challenges. Linkedin:

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