NOAA Offers Post-Hurricane Aerial Imagery

Caitlin Dempsey


NOAA has been capturing aerial imagery showing the post-Hurricane Michael destruction across the Florida Panhandle.  The images are used to help plan emergency response services.  As new flights occur, more aerial imagery is being uploaded to a publicly accessible map viewer.  

This viewer lets users zoom in in the aerial imagery to see the state of the various neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Michael. Users can also access mosaics from each of the aerial imagery flights as either TIFF or JPG files that have been compressed.

Users can view and download aerial imagery covering areas in Florida affected by Hurricane Michael.
Users can access aerial imagery covering areas in Florida affected by Hurricane Michael.

Visit: Hurricane Michael Imagery – NOAA

Users can also access archived aerial imagery of pre-storm conditions and for past major storms by visiting NOAA’s Emergency Response Imagery page.  The list of available imagery covers storms and tornadoes going back to Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  On the left side of the page, users can access pre-event imagery taken since 2015 over different geographic areas of the continental United States.

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Video Tutorial: How to access aerial imagery for areas affected by Hurricane Michael

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Satellite Imagery of Hurricane Michael

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