Geography Book Reviews

Reviews about geography publications.  Reviewed here are atlases, poetry, novels, and geography related non-fiction.

Dark blue book cover with golden lettering and an elaborate compass rose in gold.

License to Travel: A Cultural History of the Passport | Geography Book Review

G.T. Dempsey

More anecdotal than history, License to Travel is both an engaging and instructive book.

Green and white book cover with circular maps.

Geography is Destiny: Britain and the World | Book Review

G.T. Dempsey

Ian Morris provides a most-useful survey history of Britain from geologic time to the present centered around three maps. 

Book cover showing a bookcase with books and the name of the book, "The Cartographers".

Book Review | The Cartographers

G.T. Dempsey

The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd is a suspense novel with a cartographic twist.

Book cover for "Hella Town" by Mitchell Schwarzer.

Review | Hella Town: Oakland’s History of Development and Disruption

G.T. Dempsey

'Hella Town: Oakland’s History of Development and Disruption' by Mitchell Schwarzer is a superb example of urban history.

Cover of Michael Hannah's book "Extinctions:  Living and Dying in the Margin of Error".

Review | Extinctions: Living and Dying in the Margin of Error

G.T. Dempsey

This book sets out, in some nine chapters, both the ‘turbulent’ journey of that one species living 3.7 billion years ago to the 8.7 million today and the human activity threatening that biodiversity.

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