Physical Geography

Census of Marine Life

A $650-million project that has been ongoing since May of 2000 to inventory and document every species in the world’s oceans is nearing completion.  Over 400 shipboard expeditions have yielded more than 5,600 new species and located species long thought extinct such as a shrimp thought extinct for 50 million […]

Physical Geography

Amazing Undersea World

David Gallo talks about some deep and shallow sea wonders on this fascinating video from the TED site.  The video starts out showing some bioluminescent fish.  The second part of the video reviews the amazing chamoflage abilities of cephlapods. Click on the gray box in the upper right hand corner […]

Human Geography

Garbage Patch Islands in the Oceans

An enormous collection of garbage weighing more than 3 tons and a size of twice the state of Texas is floating out in an isolated section of the Pacific Ocean.  The garbage patch, dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is held together by a rotating system of currents known as […]