A couple of small white boats on a hazy day out in the ocean with the coastline in the background.

Marine Spatial Planning Index

Mark Altaweel

The goal of marine spatial planning (MSP) is to balance ocean space use and environmental protection.

A girl with a white sweatshirt and black leggings dances in the shallow water of the beach by the ocean. Her back is to the camera and the sun is shining with a clear blue sky.

Oceans Produce Half of the World’s Oxygen

Caitlin Dempsey

The oceans produce over half of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, making them a vital source of oxygen for life on our planet.

Map showing the Isthmus of Panama with the land areas in yellow and the ocean in blue.

Visual Geography: the Shape of Land Near the Oceans

Caitlin Dempsey

A visual dictionary of geography words that describe the shapes of land near ocean water.

Map showing the world's ocean gyres. Source: NOAA.

How Ocean Currents Move Pollution Around the World

Katarina Samurović

How does pollution from plastic, trash, and oil spills move around Earth's oceans?

A father and daughter look out at the Pacific Ocean.

How Much Would the Ocean Rise if Everyone Sat in it?

Geo Contributor

If everyone in the world decided to sit in the ocean all at once, how much would the sea level rise?

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