Transit Explorer: Mapping all of North America’s Transit Routes

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Covering all of North America (Canada, the United States, and Mexico), the recently debuted Transit Explorer is the brainchild of Yonah Freemark who has spent countless hours compiling new transit projects over the past eight years on his site, The Transit Politic.  Developed with Steven Vance, Transit Explorer gives users the ability to “visualize the routes of existing, planned, and proposed transit lines, and to learn about their individual characteristics.

The mapping application is an all encompassing view of current, planned, and proposed fixed-guideway transit lines in North America.  Uses can pan and zoom on the map or jump to a metropolitan area by selecting a region from the drop down menu.  The data on the map is current as of January 2016.

All of the GIS data and source code for creating Transit Explorer has been made open and free by Freemark, and is available on GitHub: Webpage codeGeojson shapefilesCSV spreadsheets of projects.

Visit: Transit Explorer

Learn more: Openings and Construction Starts Planned for 2016


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