Eric van Rees

Providing a Voice Interface for Geospatial Data

Eric van Rees

Qwhery CEO Matt Pietryszyn discusses his smart speaker application Q11, that uses voice assistant technology to answer geospatial data queries.

Spray painted white signed with a Red Cross and blue lettering that says, "You Are Here".

You Are Here: How Google Improves Mobile Location Accuracy

Eric van Rees

Ed Parsons explains how Google continues to innovate in the location technology sector.

Figure 10: The resulting bar chart showing the total population counts for the 30-minute driving time catchment areas.

How to Perform a Site Selection Analysis in ArcGIS Pro

Eric van Rees

Using this tutorial, ArcGIS Pro users will learn how to do a site selection analysis, which includes analyzing travel times and accessibility to a location via various modes of transportation.

Screenshot of the OpenTopography map interface.

Open Topography: A Spatial Data Infrastructure for Topographic Data

Eric van Rees

Open Topography is a web-based portal for imagery and lidar data that allows users to create their own deliverables.

Photo of a drone hovering in the air before a hill with blue skies in the background.

Everything You Need to Know About LiDAR From Drones

Eric van Rees

NV5's Lukas Fraser  discusses drone-based LiDAR: best use cases, how data accuracy is ensured when using drones to capture LiDAR, why LiDAR and high-resolution imagery are complementary technologies, and new market opportunities for topo bathymetric LiDAR.

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