Liam Oakwood

Liam Oakwood is a freelance citizen scientist and blogger, specializing in ecology, geography, and food sovereignty. From Liam: I enjoy photography, music, climbing, forest adventures, and growing things. I'm currently on the cusp of major changes after forming an Irish folk band with friends and getting ready to explore a whole world of possibilities. Some of my previous writing can be found at Wilderness Witness.

Teaching Math with GIS

Liam Oakwood

GIS has enormous potential to be used for teaching mathematics to students.

UK housing construction volume.

Visualizing the Impact of Gentrification

Liam Oakwood

Graphic designer Herwig Scherabon has developed a book visualizing the impacts of gentrification in a number of cities in the United States and United Kingdom. Combining public access data and research with crisp visuals, Scherabon illustrates the spatial distribution of gentrification and examines the different issues at play.

User can browse and located government agencies and organizations that use open data.

Find Users of Open GIS Data from Around the World Thanks to the Center for Open Data Enterprise

Liam Oakwood

The Center for Open Data Enterprise is working to improve the quality of open access data worldwide, including GIS data sources.

Seven Intriguing Maps from 2016

Liam Oakwood

Here is a handpicked selection of seven of the most intriguing maps published online and in print in 2016.

7 Geography Books to Add to Your Bookshelf

Liam Oakwood

Listed here are seven intriguing books about geography that are a great addition to any geographer's collection.

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