Creating an Urban Barton

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A ‘barton’ is an archaic word meaning a farmyard. Barton is a noun used to describe a farmyard or a barnyard area with animals that can include chickens, goats, cows, horses, and a variety of other animals. The word barton comes from the Old English word ‘beretun,’ which combines the word ‘bere’ for barley and ‘tun’ which meant a stockade or a town.

Many people are creating modern day bartons in their homes, whether or not they live in rural areas. Urban farming has become increasingly popular as people seek to reconnect with nature and get in touch with the natural world around them. Many urban areas are zoned for chickens, giving people the opportunity to harvest fresh eggs every morning and learn about the care of another kind of animal.

Some urban properties with slightly larger yards may take advantage of the space they have in order to own a goat or small pig. Bunnies are another small animal that doesn’t take up much space, but can provide a valuable experience for creating an urban barton. Bees are another important animal that can be raised, providing incredibly lessons on the environment as well as the production of natural honey.

Creating an urban barton can be fulfilling, but it is a lot of work. Like any other animal, farmyard animals require care and maintenance to keep them happy and healthy. Animals can provide you the chance to share eggs, honey, or milk with your family and neighbors, providing a great way to bond with the people around you.




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