Elizabeth Borneman

My name is Elizabeth Borneman and I am a freelance writer, reader, and coffee drinker. I live on a small island in Alaska, which gives me plenty of time to fish, hike, kayak, and be inspired by nature. I enjoy writing about the natural world and find lots of ways to flex my creative muscles on the beach, in the forest, or down at the local coffee shop.
Graph with lines in 1,000 foot intervals with a mountain graphic and labels corresponding to the heights of the five tallest mountains in the United States.

The Highest 11 Mountains in the United States

Elizabeth Borneman

Learn about the highest 11 mountains in the United States.

A circular map of the world centered on the North Pole. The oceans are blue and the land masses are green and brown.

Types of Map Projections

Elizabeth Borneman

Map projections are used to transform the Earth's three-dimensional surface into a two-dimensional representation.

The upper body and head of a mustang at a horse stall with the BLM branding visible.

Geography of Wild Horses in the United States

Elizabeth Borneman

Wild horses continue to roam the Western United States as well as parts of the East Coast.

A composite satellite imagery map of the United States.

Geography of the United States

Elizabeth Borneman

Extreme temperatures, topography, wind, and other powerful natural forces have shaped the geography of the United States.

A detailed look at the Latin phrase for "here be dragons" on a 16th century globe.

Here Be Dragons: The Facts and Fictions of Mapmakers

Elizabeth Borneman

A common myth is that ‘Hic Sunt Dracones’ (here be dragons) was used frequently on maps throughout history.

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