Spatial Analysis

The spatial analysis category looks at data manipulation techniques in GIS.

A gray map of Oklahoma with the point locations of cities buffered in different sized purple circles depending on the elevation.

Buffers in GIS

Caitlin Dempsey

A buffer in GIS is a reclassification based on distance.

A basic map showing cities with a bar graph icon for each of the cities.

Using GIS to Map Trends in Employment


This tutorials shows users how to analyze ACS data from the US Census Bureau to calculate employment shift-share and location quotient using Maptitude.

Screenshot showing a watershed boundary with lines showing the density of water flow on top of a base map.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro to Map Watersheds

Jeff Oppong

This tutorial shows you how to use ArcGIS Pro to delineate watersheds and drainage paths from elevation data.

Forecasting Wildfire Behavior: Earth Observation and GIS

Mark Altaweel

Advances in GIS, remote sensing, and machine learning are leveraging land and weather data to improve fire prediction models.

A screenshot of a map showing the results of a location allocation analysis in ArcGIS Pro.

Basic Uses of GIS

Caitlin Dempsey

What are the basic uses of GIS? This article reviews some of the most common and basic users of GIS including mapping data, proximity analysis, buffers, cluster mapping, and querying a geographic area for features.

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