List of Fortune 1000 Companies by Urban Area for 2014

Caitlin Dempsey


The table below shows the total count of Fortune 1000 companies by urban area.  This table is a companion piece to the Geography of Fortune 1000 Companies in 2014 article. The population counts are from the US Census Bureau 2010 census.

The US Census defines a urban area as an area of densely developed residential, commercial and other nonresidential areas.  There are two classifications for urban areas: urbanized areas and urban clusters.  Urbanized areas are those Census defined areas that have a population of 50,000 or more.  Urban clusters are Census defined areas that have a population of at least 2,500 and less than 50,000 people.

The table is sortable by clicking on the up and down arrows within each column to sort in either ascending or descending order.  You can also filter the results by typing in the desired term in the search box.

If you are looking for the complete list of Fortune 1000 companies, visit the Fortune 1000 Companies List for 2014.  Also visit the list of Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 Companies by State.

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Counts of Fortune 1000 Companies by Urban Area 2014

Urban AreaNumber of Fortune 1000 Companies2010 Population
Akron, OH Urbanized Area3569,499
Albany–Schenectady, NY Urbanized Area1594,962
Allegan, MI Urban Cluster16,322
Allentown, PA–NJ Urbanized Area3664,651
Ann Arbor, MI Urbanized Area1306,022
Appleton, WI Urbanized Area2216,154
Asheville, NC Urbanized Area1280,648
Atlanta, GA Urbanized Area274,515,419
Austin, MN Urban Cluster125,103
Austin, TX Urbanized Area11,362,416
Baltimore, MD Urbanized Area72,203,663
Barre–Montpelier, VT Urban Cluster121,675
Baton Rouge, LA Urbanized Area1594,309
Battle Creek, MI Urbanized Area178,393
Beloit, WI–IL Urbanized Area163,835
Benton Harbor–St. Joseph–Fair Plain, MI Urbanized Area161,022
Birmingham, AL Urbanized Area4749,495
Bismarck, ND Urbanized Area181,955
Bloomington–Normal, IL Urbanized Area2132,600
Boise City, ID Urbanized Area3349,684
Boston, MA–NH–RI Urbanized Area234,181,019
Bridgeport–Stamford, CT–NY Urbanized Area19923,311
Bristol–Bristol, TN–VA Urbanized Area169,501
Buffalo, NY Urbanized Area2935,906
Burlington, NC Urbanized Area1119,911
Calhoun, GA Urban Cluster131,493
Canton, OH Urbanized Area2279,245
Cape Coral, FL Urbanized Area1530,290
Carthage, MO Urban Cluster115,496
Cedar Rapids, IA Urbanized Area1177,844
Charlotte, NC–SC Urbanized Area151,249,442
Chattanooga, TN–GA Urbanized Area1381,112
Chicago, IL–IN Urbanized Area628,608,208
Cincinnati, OH–KY–IN Urbanized Area141,624,827
Cleveland, OH Urbanized Area141,780,673
Columbia, SC Urbanized Area1549,777
Columbus, GA–AL Urbanized Area2253,602
Columbus, IN Urbanized Area154,933
Columbus, OH Urbanized Area141,368,035
Concord, CA Urbanized Area3615,968
Conroe–The Woodlands, TX Urbanized Area4239,938
Corning, NY Urban Cluster120,477
Corpus Christi, TX Urbanized Area1320,069
Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington, TX Urbanized Area385,121,892
Danbury, CT–NY Urbanized Area1168,136
Davenport, IA–IL Urbanized Area1280,051
Dayton, OH Urbanized Area2724,091
Decatur, IL Urbanized Area193,863
Denton–Lewisville, TX Urbanized Area1366,174
Denver–Aurora, CO Urbanized Area192,374,203
Des Moines, IA Urbanized Area3450,070
Detroit, MI Urbanized Area173,734,090
Durham, NC Urbanized Area1347,602
East Aurora, NY Urban Cluster19,841
El Dorado, AR Urban Cluster218,944
El Paso, TX–NM Urbanized Area1803,086
Elkhart, IN–MI Urbanized Area1143,592
Erie, PA Urbanized Area1196,611
Evansville, IN–KY Urbanized Area3229,351
Fargo, ND–MN Urbanized Area1176,676
Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers, AR–MO Urbanized Area3295,083
Findlay, OH Urban Cluster248,441
Fort Collins, CO Urbanized Area1264,465
Fort Smith, AR–OK Urbanized Area1122,947
Fort Wayne, IN Urbanized Area1313,492
Galveston, TX Urban Cluster144,022
Grand Rapids, MI Urbanized Area4569,935
Greensboro, NC Urbanized Area2311,810
Harrisburg, PA Urbanized Area4444,474
Hartford, CT Urbanized Area6924,859
Hartsville, SC Urban Cluster115,125
Hickory, NC Urbanized Area1212,195
High Point, NC Urbanized Area1166,485
Houston, TX Urbanized Area464,944,332
Indianapolis, IN Urbanized Area91,487,483
Jackson, MI Urbanized Area190,057
Jacksonville, FL Urbanized Area41,065,219
Kalamazoo, MI Urbanized Area1209,703
Kansas City, MO–KS Urbanized Area81,519,417
Kenosha, WI–IL Urbanized Area1124,064
Kingsport, TN–VA Urbanized Area1106,571
Kissimmee, FL Urbanized Area1314,071
Knoxville, TN Urbanized Area3558,696
Lake Jackson–Angleton, TX Urbanized Area174,830
Lakeland, FL Urbanized Area1262,596
Lancaster, PA Urbanized Area1402,004
Lansing, MI Urbanized Area1313,532
Las Vegas–Henderson, NV Urbanized Area71,886,011
Laurel, MS Urban Cluster126,131
Lebanon, TN Urban Cluster127,653
Lexington-Fayette, KY Urbanized Area2290,263
Little Rock, AR Urbanized Area2431,388
Los Angeles–Long Beach–Anaheim, CA Urbanized Area3212,150,996
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY–IN Urbanized Area4972,546
Madison, WI Urbanized Area3401,661
Mandeville–Covington, LA Urbanized Area188,925
Manitowoc, WI Urban Cluster146,360
Marysville, OH Urban Cluster122,348
Mauldin–Simpsonville, SC Urbanized Area1120,577
McKinney, TX Urbanized Area1170,030
Medford, OR Urbanized Area1154,081
Memphis, TN–MS–AR Urbanized Area61,060,061
Miami, FL Urbanized Area135,502,379
Midland, MI Urbanized Area159,014
Midland, TX Urbanized Area1117,807
Milwaukee, WI Urbanized Area131,376,476
Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN–WI Urbanized Area262,650,890
Mission Viejo–Lake Forest–San Clemente, CA Urbanized Area1583,681
Monroe, LA Urbanized Area1116,533
Muscatine, IA Urban Cluster125,342
Nashua, NH–MA Urbanized Area1226,400
Nashville-Davidson, TN Urbanized Area10969,587
New Haven, CT Urbanized Area2562,839
New Orleans, LA Urbanized Area1899,703
New York–Newark, NY–NJ–CT Urbanized Area11418,351,295
Newton, NJ Urban Cluster111,941
Oklahoma City, OK Urbanized Area5861,505
Omaha, NE–IA Urbanized Area10725,008
Orlando, FL Urbanized Area11,510,516
Orrville, OH Urban Cluster18,563
Oshkosh, WI Urbanized Area174,495
Palm Bay–Melbourne, FL Urbanized Area1452,791
Peoria, IL Urbanized Area1266,921
Philadelphia, PA–NJ–DE–MD Urbanized Area265,441,567
Phoenix–Mesa, AZ Urbanized Area133,629,114
Pittsburgh, PA Urbanized Area151,733,853
Portland, OR–WA Urbanized Area41,849,898
Portsmouth, NH–ME Urbanized Area188,200
Providence, RI–MA Urbanized Area71,190,956
Provo–Orem, UT Urbanized Area1482,819
Quincy, IL Urban Cluster145,228
Raleigh, NC Urbanized Area3884,891
Reading, PA Urbanized Area3266,254
Reno, NV–CA Urbanized Area1392,141
Richmond, VA Urbanized Area10953,556
Riverside–San Bernardino, CA Urbanized Area21,932,666
Roanoke, VA Urbanized Area1210,111
Rochester, NY Urbanized Area3720,572
Rock Hill, SC Urbanized Area1104,996
Salt Lake City–West Valley City, UT Urbanized Area21,021,243
San Antonio, TX Urbanized Area71,758,210
San Diego, CA Urbanized Area52,956,746
San Francisco–Oakland, CA Urbanized Area243,281,212
San Jose, CA Urbanized Area311,664,496
San Juan, PR Urbanized Area22,148,346
Sarasota–Bradenton, FL Urbanized Area1643,260
Seattle, WA Urbanized Area153,059,393
Sidney, NE Urban Cluster16,373
Smithfield, VA Urban Cluster110,215
Spokane, WA Urbanized Area1387,847
Springfield, MA–CT Urbanized Area2621,300
Springfield, MO Urbanized Area1273,724
St. George, UT Urbanized Area198,370
St. Louis, MO–IL Urbanized Area182,150,706
Stevens Point, WI Urban Cluster144,223
Sunbury, PA Urban Cluster129,541
Tampa–St. Petersburg, FL Urbanized Area72,441,770
Thomasville, GA Urban Cluster124,139
Thousand Oaks, CA Urbanized Area3214,811
Toledo, OH–MI Urbanized Area5507,643
Topeka, KS Urbanized Area1150,003
Trenton, NJ Urbanized Area1296,668
Tulsa, OK Urbanized Area7655,479
Twin Rivers–Hightstown, NJ Urbanized Area364,037
Urban Honolulu, HI Urbanized Area2802,459
Virginia Beach, VA Urbanized Area31,439,666
Warren, PA Urban Cluster115,420
Warsaw, IN Urban Cluster230,166
Washington, DC–VA–MD Urbanized Area304,586,770
Waterbury, VT Urban Cluster12,971
Watsonville, CA Urbanized Area173,534
Winona, MN Urban Cluster130,712
Winston-Salem, NC Urbanized Area3391,024
Worcester, MA–CT Urbanized Area1486,514
York, PA Urbanized Area2232,045


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