Biogeography is the study of the geographical distribution of plants and animals.

A satellite image of a section of Antartica with brown stains of Penguin guano.

Tracking Penguin Colonies Through Their Droppings

Elizabeth Borneman

Researchers are using satellite imagery to map Antarctica’s penguin population and estimating their numbers based on the large guano stains left behind.

A view across forest covered mountains with a band of fog stretching just below the peak of the far mountain.

Will Cool Air Pooling Protect Some Forests from Climate Change?

Caitlin Dempsey

Researchers looked at the link between cool air pooling and cold-adapted forest composition.

A photo looking up towards the sky of conifer trees on a blue sunny day.

Forecasting Phytoclimates 

Mark Altaweel

Based on a study of 135,153 vascular plant species, scientists predict 33-68% of global land will undergo major phytoclimate changes by 2070.

A grayscale map of the world with graduated symbols representing in pink observe bird extinctions, blue for fossils records, and orange for undiscovered bird extinctions.

Human-Driven Extinction of Birds

Mark Altaweel

Researchers using models an records calculate that as many as 11% of all bird species have gone extinct since the Late Pleistocene.

A map showing in orange the range of steller's jay and in blue the range of blue jay over a gray shaded relief map of the United States.

This Bird is Not the Only Crested Jay West of the Rocky Mountains

Caitlin Dempsey

Since the 1960s, blue jays have gradually extended their range past the Rocky Mountains into the western United States and Canada.

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