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A new tool has been deployed that lets QGIS users share style files. Style files are used in QGIS to set cartographic visualizations for individual layers. Features such as symbology, fonts, a color ramps can be set via a style file.

Users can access the various styles they have in their instance of QGIS by selecting Setting –> Style Manager from the top menu options.

In the Style Manager, users can access style settings for a symbology point, line, and polygon features as well as color ramps.

QGIS Style Manager
QGIS Style Manager

To help facilitate the sharing of styles among users, Kartoza has sponsored the development of a new QGIS style sharing repository.

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Users can upload their custom color ramps and symbology by submitting a style .xml file, thumbnail, and description of the style. Upon approval, the style will then be available for public downloading.

Downloaded styles are easy to import into QGIS. Simply load the Style Manager, and click the Import/Export option from the bottom left corner of the GUI.

Import QGIS style files using the Style Manager.
Import QGIS style files using the Style Manager.

The QGIS Style sharing site was only just launched today so there are only a couple of styles available. With time, most users will take advantage of this style sharing tool to upload some of their own custom styles for others to use.

Visit: QGIS Style Sharing Repository

Tim Hutton and Sumandari from Kartoza explain the new tool:

YouTube video


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