Remote Sensing Principles

Caitlin Dempsey


Online tutorials and articles on what remote sensing is, digital imagery analysis and applications.

Remote-Sensing Technologies
Remotely-sensed imagery from aircraft and satellites represent one of the fastest-growing sources for raster GIS data. Brief overview by Dr. Larry Smith of UCLA on the latest technologies important to GIS.

Earth Observatory
Overview and history of remote sensing by the Earth Observatory. There is a neat tool on the page to turn the glossary on or off in order to access definitions on the terminology.

Image Rectification
Links to many of the available image rectification software packages on the market.

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Digital imagery can greatly add to the visualization of GIS data. In addition satellite imagery can be utilized to derive layers via classification processes such as vegetation, land cover and temperature.

NASA’s Remote Sensing Tutorial
Very detailed overview, history and background on remote sensing including case studies on the application of remote sensing in different fields.

Overview of Remote Sensing
A brief foray into Remote Sensing from the University of Calgary web page. Further links to a remote sensing bibliography and the Canadian Remote Sensing Society.

Philosophy of Remote Sensing
Brief article delving into the underpinnings of remote sensing; “How did it start?” and “Why?”.

Satellite Imagery
Satellite technology has been improving its digital imagery capabilities. Higher resolution imagery is becoming more commonly available. Information about the most prominent satellite imagery commercially available is listed in this feature.

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