Streamline GIS Project Workflow with Online Recordkeeping

Olivia Harne


The more individuals working on an assignment, the greater chance there is for miscommunication. When a GIS project requires a collaborative effort from multiple employees of varied skill sets, it’s important to circumvent this common problem by keeping all work documented and cataloged in a location where it can be easily accessed. This is where digital recordkeeping, such as folders in ArcGIS Online and the map sharing abilities of its Assistant, can benefit any group.

Benefits of an Updated Archive for ArcGIS Online Accounts

Keeping an updated archive on an ArcGIS Online account is both efficient and allows for more control over each stage and any aspect of a project. Organizations that have obtained an ArcGIS subscription have given their users the ability upload any manner of information that would be relevant to a current map, application, or open data site. Options for hosting unique content, such as PDF files, add convenience when creating applications that serve as hub pages. For designers especially, hosting all imagery in a specific folder or group allows for quick reference. Ultimately, it provides a directory that will ensure fewer errors than hosting them in a separate location.

Recordkeeping for GIS Developers

With developers, the same sort of recordkeeping can be achieved through sites like GitHub. Uploading all the relevant information into organized files allows future programmers to consider previous work. It also allows for greater consistency in notation, something that can often be lost if a project is transferred between developers, or worked on by multiple individuals. This method also saves time, negating the need for meetings when all employees can view code in a steady progression, and see a GIS project through all stages of development. For finished programs, uploading a file containing that information onto AGOL keeps everything organized for future reference.

Recordkeeping can seem like a fairly obvious process, but making sure all aspects of a project are documented and up to date is a team effort that requires the effort of all team members.

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