Test Your Knowledge of World Geography with this Google Maps Game

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How well can you figure out where in the world a location is?  Geoguesser is an online game that uses images from Google Street View to display a small section of the world.

The game challenges your geographic knowledge by having you guess the location of a street view image.  

You can pan and walk through the images to try and extract clues from where you are.  

Click on a location on the small inset map and click the “Make a guess” button to submit your best estimate of the image’s geographic location.  


A results window then pops up showing the linear distance from your guess and the image’s actual location.

The farther away your guess is from the actual location, the lower your awarded points.  A total of five images are presented during the game.

You can play the game solo or set up a challenge with your best geonerd friends.  

A custom URL will be generated when you select the “challenge a friend option” where all players will be presented with the same five images to guess from.

Visit: Geoguesser

More World Geography Fun

Here are some other fun activities to learn more about world geography.

Geo Quizzes

Geography Realm offers a ten-question quiz to test your knowledge about “Which Country is Bigger”. To play the game visit: Geo Quiz: Which Country is Bigger?

Another ten-question quiz offers some trivia about various countries along with an outline map of the country: GeoQuiz: Guess the Country


MapFight lets you compare sizes between countries, states, and geographic regions. With many maps, especially web maps, using the Mercator map projection, the sizes of countries towards the poles are portrayed larger than they are in the real world.

To use MapFight, type in the name of two geographic areas that you want to compare. Then hit the compare button and you will be presented with statistics comparing the area of the first choice with the second choice.

Screenshot showing the results from mapfight.com.
Screenshot showing the results from https://mapfight.appspot.com.

Antipode Game

If you were to start digging from a spot on one side of the world, where would you emerge on the other side?

The spot diametrically opposed to a location on Earth is called the antipode.  The word comes from Greek and translates to “with feet opposite”.

This tool lets you explore the antipode of any location on Earth. Type in any location and a set of maps will be returned. The left map shows the location you searched for and the second map shows the location of the antipode.

Explore: Antipodes Map

Screenshot from antipodesmap.com.
Screenshot from antipodesmap.com.



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