Geo Quiz: Name the Human Activity Visible from Space

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This geography quiz features ten satellite images each showing an anthropogenic activity.

 Can you figure out what the human activity shown on each image is?  

Some of these disturbances are recent while other images show the remains of human activity etched onto the surface of the earth dating back thousands of years.

Human Impact on the Environment

Human actions can have a profound impact on the environment and topography of an area. 

Things like strip mining and open pit mining are pretty obvious when it comes to things that alter the face of the landscape, but others are more insidious- human actions can seriously influence the hydrological cycle, erosion, and more.   

Anything that changes how water flows over the land will affect the physical environment. Thing includes things like logging and land clearing- the roots of trees and brush help hold soil in place, protecting porous rock and preventing the soil from being washed away.

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