Using a Heat Map to Show the Level of Happiness by Province in Turkey

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Dogus Guler is a graduate student in Geomatics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. His main interest area is Geographical Information Systems and he shares the analysis of happiness rates across Turkey.  

This heat map was produced with happiness research data at the provincial level conducted for the first time in Turkey and was carried out in 2013 by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI). The results of the study were shared with the public on April 14, 2014. This study was accomplished by visiting 125,720 households across and those 18 years of age of older were interviewed face to face (for a total of 196,203 individuals).

Where are the residents of Turkey the happiest?
Where are the residents of Turkey the happiest? Map: Dogus Guler.

Creating a Heat Map of Happiness Using ArcGIS

To create a heat map of happiness levels across Turkey, a function in ArcGIS’ ArcToolbox for heat map production “IDW” was used to interpolate the results. According to the data rate attribute happiness heat map of the provinces where they have been produced. The result regional heat map of Turkey allows viewers to see where happiness levels  were highest across the country.

This analysis shows how statistical data in different fields can be visualized geographically using GIS so that it becomes more meaningful to users.

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