3 Ways to Send a Geo Season’s Greetings

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This is the time of year when many people take to wishing each other well, such as through wishing someone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, a Happy new Year, or through the blanket, “Happy Holidays” to cover all the bases.  For geographers, nothing shows a warm greeting that via a geography theme greeting card.  Here are three ways you can pass along your end of the year cheer to geography enthusiasts no matter where they live.

1. ESA e-Card

The European Space Agency offers a selection of out of this world and earthbound themed e-cards.  Simply select one of the fifteen earth and outer space images and then type in your greeting along with the sender and recipient information.  The recipient is sent an email with the link to the card and then has the option of downloading the front and back of the virtual postcard as a PDF file.

To send your card visit: ESA e-card

2. National Geographic Greeting

National Geographic offers six landscape and animal themed cards you can select and personalize with a greeting that can be emailed to your favorite geographer.  Similar to ESA’s e-card option, you can type in a greeting, and enter the recipient and sender information.  National Geographic also gives you the option to select a day when you want the card emailed or you can opt for the print option.

To send your card visit: National Geographic Holiday e-cards

3. geoGreeting

While this is not an e-card, geoGreeting is a way to send an online message built from aerial images of buildings.  Type in your message and a popup of each letter along with its location shows up on the map.  You can also choose a heart or a smiley face.  Send the generated link to the recipient and they will be treated to a replay of your message built from features on the ground.

To send your message visit: geoGreeting



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