European Space Agency

Geospatial Data Available: Global Sea-surface Salinity

Caitlin Dempsey

Data from three satellite missions has been merged to produce a global time-series showing sea-surface salinity measurements between 2010 and 2018.

Monitoring Air Pollution with Sentinel-5P

Mark Altaweel

Sentinel-5p will be one of the first satellites that provides high resolution pollution monitoring and will provide a large data capture that enables daily and even hourly monitoring.

Hurricane Ophelia on October 11, 2017. Image: European Space Agency.

Hurricane Ophelia is the Strongest Hurricane to Form East of the United States

Caitlin Dempsey

On Saturday, October 15, 2017, Hurricane Ophelia strengthened to Category 3 status making it the first recorded eastern hurricane to be this strong.

A Jet Stream in the Middle of the Earth

Elizabeth Borneman

Researchers from the University of Leeds published an article in the journal Nature GeoScience with data gathered by the Swarm satellites that reveals the existence of a molten core jet stream using changes in the magnetic field.

Scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) in the UK, funded via the UK National Centre for Earth Observation, working with colleagues from France, have combined ocean-colour satellite data made available through ESA’s Climate Change Initiative with in situ measurements from Argo and new Bio-Argo floats, partially-funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council, to work out how much energy is transported from the ocean’s surface down to the mesopelagic layer. They estimate that seasonal mixed layer pump moves around 300 million tonnes of carbon each year, which is a vital energy source for organisms living in the deep dark part of the ocean. Source: Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Satellites Delve into the Depths of One of the Earth’s Largest Ecosystems

Liam Oakwood

Satellite imagery is helping marine scientists gain new understanding of ocean ecosystems.

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