Five Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic Basin

Caitlin Dempsey


There are currently five tropical cyclones active in the Atlantic Ocean. This ties the record for the most number of tropical storms. The last time there were this many storms was September 11-14, 1971.

This animated satellite view of the Atlantic Basin shows hurricanes Sally and Paulette, along with tropical storms Rene and Teddy, and tropical depression Twenty-One (which was named later in the day on September 14, 2020 as Tropical Storm Vicky).

An animated gif showing satellite images containing five hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.
Source: NOAA

The official hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin runs from June 1 to November 30 each year. The 2020 hurricane season has already been record breaking with the earliest named storm, Arthur, happening on May 27, 2020.

With 20 named storms already, the 2020 hurricane season is already tied with the 1933 hurricane season as being the most second most active season. Only the 2005 season leads the way with 31 active storms on record.

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In August, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center updated its hurricane forecast to predict 25 possible named storms this season.


NHC_Atlantic (2020, September 14). We are issuing advisories on five tropical cyclones over the Atlantic basin. This ties the record for the most number of tropical cyclones in that basin at one time, last set in Sept 1971. See for the latest updates. #Paulette #Rene #Sally #Teddy #Vicky. Retrieved from

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