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A picture of a brown turtle with its head raised sitting in shallow water surrounded by mud and plant stems.

Wildlife Conservation in the Face of Climate Change: The Importance of Protected Areas

Mark Altaweel

Protected areas are important for providing refuge to amphibians and reptiles impacted by climate change.

Wildlife corridor for herpetofauna.

Introduction to Wildlife Corridors

Elizabeth Borneman

Wildlife corridors are overpasses and underpasses that connect natural regions and provide safe transit for migratory animals through human infrastructure.

African elephant, Madikwe Game Reserve. Photo: flowcomm, CC BY 2.0

Are Safaris the Best Answer for Elephant Conservation?

Geo Contributor

Tourism can be a great conservation tool as long as it is monitored closely.

Source: Watson et al., 2018

Mapping the Last Wilderness

Katarina Samurović

An international group of scientists led by James E. M. Watson and James R. Allan mapped the world’s remaining terrestrial wilderness in 2016.

UAVs, GIS, and Ecology

Mark Altaweel

With the relatively cheap price and increasing effectiveness of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often called drones, we are seeing much more accurate estimates and understanding of ecological change.