Colored beads and masks are a ubiquitous presence during Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans. Photo: Loren Javier

The Cultural Geography of Carnival Celebrations around the World

Carnival is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people in places all over the globe. Read here to see how the unique cultural geography of different places has fused pagan and indigenous rituals with the Christian-based holiday to result in the modern celebrations of 5 very different places on the Earth.

Map of farming systems in Africa. Source: FAO-United Nations.

How Rapid Urbanization Threatens Human Populations: Three Effects of a Moving World

The dramatic shift of the earth’s human population to cities is not only straining urban infrastructures, but also the human population itself. Three significant human threats resulting from rapid urbanization in developing countries are increased intense agriculture from the commoditization of food, rising diabetes and heart disease rates, and brain waste of our global youth.