ArcGIS Pro

Screenshot of a land use map for Ghana in ArcGIS Pro with shades of green for the categories.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro for Supervised Classification

Jeff Oppong

This tutorial is a step-by-step approach for performing supervised classification on Landsat 8 imagery using Remote Sensing and GIS methodologies.

Screenshot showing the annual average soil loss layer in ArcGIS Pro.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro to Estimate Soil Erosion from a Catchment Basin

Jeff Oppong

This lesson demonstrates how to use spatial data science and remote sensing techniques in ArcGIS Pro to predict soil erosion from a catchment using the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE).

Screenshot from ArcGIS Pro showing a symbolized raster of fire risk with yellow for low risk, orange for medium, and red for high risk.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro for Fire Risk Mapping

Jeff Oppong

Tutorial showing how to map fire risk for a region with slope, elevation, aspect, and land use data in ArcGIS Pro.

Map showing the delineated shoreline in ArcGIS Pro.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro for Automatic Shoreline Delineation from Landsat Imagery

Jeff Oppong

This tutorial demonstrates a shoreline extraction strategy in ArcGIS Pro by explaning  how to use the Tasseled Cap and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to automatically delineate shoreline using the Landsat toolkit.

Figure 10: The resulting bar chart showing the total population counts for the 30-minute driving time catchment areas.

How to Perform a Site Selection Analysis in ArcGIS Pro

Eric van Rees

Using this tutorial, ArcGIS Pro users will learn how to do a site selection analysis, which includes analyzing travel times and accessibility to a location via various modes of transportation.